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Sheet metal fabrication is a process whereby custom metal products are designed and made for a variety of sectors.

It is very difficult to find an industry that does not uses sheet metal fabrication at some point of the manufacturing process. Laser Galicia is aware of that since we serve a great variety of industries.


Different processes, and techniques are used to produce sheet metal fabrications, it can include:  laser cutting, water jet, plasma cutting, bending, stamping, punching, welding, galvanizing, painting, etc.

These processes need high precision of highly qualified operators and guarantee very tight tolerances.

As the technology evolves new fabrication processes are identified and applied to manufacture sheet metal fabrications in the most efficient and precise way.

Laser Galicia is always at the forefront of the sector to offer our customers the best services at any time.

Sheet metal fabrication is an essential part of the many technological developments we’ve seen in fields like aerospace, electronics, medicine, transportation, consumer electronics, and more.


Materials used in sheet metal fabrication are very diverse. The commonly desired properties for these metals are: strength, conductivity, hardness, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion.

Carbon Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cooper brass and bronze have properties that allow its use for different applications.


Some industries are highly dependent on sheet metal fabrication like farming, railroad, aerospace, automobile, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, electronics, food service, heating and cooling, plumbing, medical, telecommunications, computer, military, storage, and construction industries, to name just a few. All these industries need precision sheet metal fabrication processes for products and services.

Thanks to its flexibility and philosophy of continuous improvement, Laser Galicia is able to adapt to the requirements of any industry, and to obtain the required certifications.

Laser Galicia is certified according to the IATF 16949:2015 to serve the automotive sector, the UNE EN 9100:2015 to serve the aeronautics sector and the UNE-EN 15085 to serve the rail sector.


Some come items that are produced through sheet metal fabrication are: brackets, cabinets, electronics enclosures, tanks, containment systems, elevators, public furniture, vehicles chassis, solar stations, information panels, platforms, etc.


Most of the sheet metal fabricated items can be classified in 3 categories: Commercial, Industrial and Structural.

Commercial fabrication refers to sheet metal fabrication done to create commercial products. These products are to be used by consumers. Some examples of these products are: cars, electronics, appliances, etc.

Industrial sheet metal fabrication refers to items manufactured to produce other equipment. This equipment is used in the manufacture of consumer goods. These products are usually sold to manufacturers. For example, tools like bandsaws, hydraulics, and drill presses are produced through industrial fabrication.

Structural sheet metal fabrication refers to items manufactured for the construction industry. These items are used by shops and building companies. Some examples of these products are: metal siding, structural framing, roofing, etc.

Now that you know the multiples applications of Sheet Metal Fabrication, I’m sure you have some need for any of our services! Do not hesitate to contact us to request for information or to request for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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