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At Laser Galicia we know how important is for our customers to obtain the best price and lead time to manufacture their laser cut parts, that is why we count with state of art laser cutter for tube and plate that together with our extraordinary well-trained team and vast experience in the sector allow us to supply our customers with the best quality products at the best delivery date.

Laser cutting is not just cutting a 2D shape in a metal plate as it used to be, since when you have the right knowledge of this technology you can simplify the design of parts, gaining a lot of time and money. At Laser Galicia we use the latest laser cutting machines combined with the latest press brakes to produce parts with specific tabs and slots that simplify the assembly of complex components in a quick and repeatable manner without needing any complex and expensive tools for welding. This is what efficiency of laser cutting means.


Unlike other manufacturing methods that require additional tools, laser cutting is very fast! Once the CAD files are input in the manufacturing software, the machine starts to cut with a simple click, without any need for stopping, producing high precision parts without any variation every time. This method is the best solution for companies that need their parts delivered in days and not weeks.


The application of laser cutting is very broad, you can find laser cut parts around you every day, in your computer, your car, your furniture, in the street, as well as in very demanding industries like the food, medical, rail, etc. Laser Galicia serves a wide variety of sectors, no matter the volume or the requirements. We are always willing to improve and to adapt to our customers needs with the aim of providing the best service.

Laser Galicia provides laser cut parts made of a wide range of ferrous and nonferrous materials. Thanks to our fibre lasers we are now capable of cutting highly reflective metals like Cooper.


Laser cutting is the best option for all the industries where the efficiency and precision are vital, since it allows the saving of a lot of time and resources to obtain high quality components, with no variation between all the parts and always complying with the tolerances of the ISO 22768-m.

Laser cutters are integrated with CAD software that tells the laser what to cut. Because it’s computer-guided, laser cutting is a lot easier to operate than traditional cutting methods, making it safer, too.

If you think that laser cutting would comply with your needs and you are searching for a subcontractor willing to provide you with the best service, contact us today!

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