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SLS 3D printing service

Laser Galicia counts now with the SLS 3D printing service to speed up and cheapen the manufacturing of prototypes and production tools for our customers, simplifying in this way the design process and the product launch.

What is the 3D printing by selective laser sintering (SLS)?

Selective laser sintering (SLS) consist on an additive manufacturing(AM) technology that using a high-power laser sinters small particles of polymer powder into a solid structure from a 3D model.

This type of 3D printing has been used by engineers and manufacturers during decades, since it allows the custom manufacturing of prototypes and small batches, at a low cost and high productivity level.

Advantages of the SLS 3D printing

Design freedom

Engineers generally design products considering the capabilities of the final manufacturing process, what is called design for manufacturing(DFM). Additive manufacturing produces products that will be possible to manufacture by the conventional manufacturing methods.

SLS 3D printers can produce complex geometries that are impossible or prohibitively costly to manufacture with traditional manufacturing methods. It also allows designers to consolidate complex assemblies that would normally be manufactured from several parts and different processes, into a single part.

High productivity

SLS printing is the quickest additive manufacturing technology to produce functional, durable prototypes and end-use parts, reducing the product development cycle.

To optimize each build, multiple parts can be tighly arranged during printing.

Proven, end-use materials

One of the strong points of SLS 3D printing is the materials; nylon, nylon composites and TPU are proven high-quality thermoplastics. Nylon parts have almost 100 percent density and mechanical properties similar to parts produced by conventional manufacturing methods.

Competitive cost

The fast-scanning speed of laser, the use of nylon which is one of the least expensive raw materials for additive manufacturing, and the low need for labor makes this technology very cost effective.

Furthermore, SLS 3D printing doesn´t require support structures and allows for printing with recycled powder, minimizing waste and expenses.

If you have need for this service or would like to hear more about it, don´t hesitate to reach out to us!

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