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Laser Galicia between the companies honored by ASIME

At the beginning of the Pandemic ASIME(Galician Association of Metal Industries and Asociated technology) organized a solitarity campaign to combat the lack of protective means that afected our medical professionals.

31 Galician companies took part in the solidarity initiative, adapting our production capacities and resources to collaborate in such a necessary initiative at that time.

ASIME has taken the chance of the celebration of its 45 aniversary to honor the 31 companies that took part in the iniciative by giving them joint award.

More that 400 people will assist to this institutional event, which will include representatives of the major Galician companies, institutions and bodies. The Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero and the Xunta the Galicia President, Alfonso Rueda will also attend the event.


ASIME is formed by 600 companies that represent a majority sector in Galicia that bets for the latest technology, sustainability and people. These companies belong to a wide variety of sectors, such us; automotive, metal-mechanic industry and transport, aeronautics, Aluminum processing, elevators and complimentary services like logistics, information systems, ect.

Laser Galicia honored by ASIME.

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