Value-Added Services

Complex assemblies and any type of finishing

LASER GALICIA is a full-service contract manufacturing company. We can take your project from raw materials to finished assemblies with high quality surface treatments, which include painting, grinding, polishing, galvanizing, powder coating, anodizing, etc.

We know how valuable it is for a customer to outsource its entire project from a single source without having to negotiate with several different companies, that is why we struggle to offer the most complete service.

Our laser cutting, bending and welding capabilities, together with our experience and our wide stock of fasteners, rivets and other types of accessories, allow us to build the most complex assemblies efficiently.

Full Traceability

Our customized data management system allows us to gather all the specific information for every customer and for every item to program our machines and to list all the necessary works that need to be done to comply with our customer requirements.

We assure full traceability in all our products and processes. In regard to our ERP, traceability refers to the capability to associate a finished part with resources, material, process, treatment, inspection, test results, logistics, and every person involved with it.

Customized logistics and packaging

En Laser Galicia apostamos por la expansión e internacionalización de nuestra actividad; estamos presentes en diversos países con los que operamos activamente, lo que nos confiere aprendizaje y alto nivel de exigencia. Contamos con un servicio de logística integral, flexible y personalizado acorde a las necesidades de nuestros clientes.

Our pull production Kanban model regulates based on customer supply and demand, producing items just-in-time. The warehouse managing program gives us real time information regarding stock and material replacements.

Our reliable resource of different types of Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Copper, and Brass, among others, gives us a high response capability to urgent orders.

We can design and build custom packaging that can be returned and reused, reducing cost. Increase your operational efficiency by relying on our kitting solutions to help you to optimize your time. Part identification is available, performed by laser etching, stickers, labels or per customer request.

Fully integrated services

Thanks to our large supplier’s network, we have the capacity of delivering parts with any type of surface treatment, without compromising the quality and traceability of our products.

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