Tube Laser Cutting

The tube laser cutting has completely revolutionized the design of metal structures, being able to obtain solutions based on complex geometries that reduce significantly the assembling and welding times, likewise increases the rigidity and quality of the structure.


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This type of machines can also work with commercial laminated profiles, making the work with this type of materials much quicker and reliable.

The option of bevel cuts up to 45° widens even more the design capacities and enables the saving in welding times, since it gives the designer the possibility of selecting the characteristics of the contact surfaces.

The high precision, flexibility and speediness of this process, results in a great saving in labour for our clients. Furthermore, it gives us the freedom to design new tube structures that would not be possible using conventional methods.

Cutting capabilities

  • Maximum diameter: 250mm
  • Maximum length per part: 4.5m

Maximum thicknesses

  • Carbon Steel: 10mm
  • Stainless Steel: 6mm
  • Aluminium: 5mm

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Laser Galicia34 Laser Galicia35 tube Laser Galicia31 Laser Galicia32 Laser Galicia33


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