Sheet Metal Works

During the last years we have been strengthening our welding facilities in order to offer our clients completely finished assemblies, from plate and tube.

We are capable of doing this works in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium, and equal to the rest of our sections, we can quote from small batches to large series, thanks to our robot-controlled plant with an ABB robot.


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Our welding section is certified by the ISO 3834-2, which guaranties the quality of the process and the finishing.

Finishings: zinc coating, painting, galvanizing, …

Thanks to the extensive network of suppliers existent in our geographic area, we can quote nearly any type of finishing for parts or assemblies, ensuring the same quality and traceability that we provide in the rest of our products.

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    National leader in laser cutting

    This would not be possible without the continuous effort of our brilliant team, the main pillar for our progress and the key for the future construction.

    LaserGalicia belongs to the Laser Ebro group, national leader in laser cutting with 9 plants across the country.