Laser Galicia

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Reference in laser cutting.

LaserGalicia has become one of the references in laser cutting.  The company, established in 2002 within the Laser Ebro Group and born out of the friendship and collaboration in between Pablo Ezquerra Lasheras and Manuel López Rodríguez, distinguishes itself for its bet on the latest TRUMPF technology and its commitment to provide the quickest, most flexible and most reliable service to its clients.

Our aim is to offer our clients tight delivery dates, the highest quality, urgent services, and the possibility of manufacturing from unitary parts to large series.

The Laser Ebro Group is currently the national leader in the sector, counting with 9 plants across the country. Our belonging to the Group is key to the robustness and the future of the company. Furthermore, it allows us to interexchange production with the different plants obtaining a level of security and service that would be unapproachable working as separate entities.

We bet on the most cutting-edge technology

Laser Galicia is a funding partner of the Galician Automotive Cluster (CEAGA), reference cluster in the sector. The goal of CEAGA is that the Galician Automotive Sector reaches a competitive and sustainable leadership position in Europe by 2020.

Laser Galicia also collaborates with UDEGA( Union of Aviation Galician Companies), born in 2012 out of the union of various Galician companies with purpose of unifying working methods and its relations with the external context, to optimize material and human resources by industrial cooperation. Capable of approaching a wide range of projects, UDEGA is established as a reference in the national industrial sector.


Plate Laser Cutting

The laser cutting process is characterized for the high precision achieved in every edge of the cut part, allowing its subsequent assembling without any posterior machining or setting, and therefore the consequent saving in labour.

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Tube Laser cutting

The tube laser cutting has completely revolutionized the design of metal structures, being able to obtain solutions based on complex geometries that reduce significantly the assembling and welding times, likewise increases the rigidity and quality of the structure.

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Because the laser cutting can create complex geometries , it is possible to replace many assembly and welding processes for intelligent designs that includes bends with different radius.

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Sheet Metal Works

During the last years we have been strengthening our welding facilities in order to offer our clients completely finished assemblies, from plate and tube.

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    National leader in laser cutting

    This would not be possible without the continuous effort of our brilliant team, the main pillar for our progress and the key for the future construction.

    LaserGalicia belongs to the Laser Ebro group, national leader in laser cutting with 9 plants across the country.